A golden year for plover chicks in Alderney

  • A plover chick nestles under its mother.

A record number of ringed plover birds fledged in Alderney this year.

The 2022 Wildlife Review - which was published today - says that nine chicks grew their adulthood feathers, the most to have fledged since observations began in 2017.

The chicks' survival was helped by cordons placed around nesting sites by the Alderney Wildlife Trust in partnership with the States of Alderney.

An adult plover sits on a nest within a cordon. Credit: Daniel Whitelegg, Alderney Wildlife Trust

Daniel Whitelegg, of the Alderney Wildlife Trust, said in a statement: "The results were very positive - all pairs nesting within cordons hatched out their eggs and reared chicks to fledging."

This year there were a record number of 15 nests and 50 eggs hatched.

The Wildlife Trust says this suggests the birds may be becoming more trusting of the sites and willing to invest time into rearing chicks in Alderney as a result.

A record number of plover chicks fledged in Alderney this year. Credit: Daniel Whitelegg

The ringed plover population in Alderney is the last in the Channel Islands, so improving their breeding success is of great importance to the species.

Daniel added: "This success would not have been possible without the backing of Alderney’s community. Throughout the breeding season there was much interest and support for the Plovers."