Guernsey dad of girl, 6, with rare cancer raising money by letting public pick his hairstyle

Tom McGahy told ITV Channel about his fundraising appeal.

The dad of a girl with a rare form of cancer is fundraising by letting voters pick his hairstyle.

Six-year-old Romy McGahy from Guernsey was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in her stomach in November 2021, a month before her fifth birthday.

Her dad Tom, mum Helen, and sister Zephyr have been living in a Southampton flat with Romy whilst she receives treatment for the 18cm tumour at Southampton hospital.

Thanks to the Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation (PPBF), the family has been able to make a temporary home in the UK.

The family enjoyed Christmas in their Southampton flat this year Credit: Tom McGahy

The flat, called Isaac's Pad, is fully funded by the charity and is located opposite Southampton Hospital, meaning the family can quickly access help if Romy's condition worsens.

Tom says the flat feels like home and has made the process much easier.

He wants to raise money for the PPBF to give something back: "Now things have calmed down a bit and life here is normal for us to some extent, it feels like the right time to give back to the PPBF because they've supported us so much over the past year."

Tom's fundraising campaign asked those who donated money to vote for a hairstyle that they wanted to see him adopt. They could choose from a mullet, a mohican and a mustache.

Tom McGahy with his new hairstyle. Credit: ITV Channel

Voters chose the mohican, and Tom visited the hairdressers yesterday for the transformation.

He says that the initial fundraising target was £500, but that the total has now reached more than £2000.

Tom said: "The fundraising has been amazing. I think it's over triple what the target was set at which is fantastic.

"It's amazing that everyone is really getting behind this. It's unbelievable."

Tom says Romy's treatment is going as well as they could hope for, and that the family is so proud of how she is coping Credit: Tom McGahy

Whilst getting a wacky haircut might attract some funny looks, Tom says that it's worth the sacrifice to give back to the charity and keep supporting his daughter.

He added: "I look at what Romy's going through and how well she's dealing with everything and it's just my hair being cut temporarily. Compared to what she's going through I'm happy to do it.

"If it means raising money for the Foundation then that's amazing. I'd happily have a moustache on my head for weeks or months, and it wouldn't bother me too much."

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