New orthopaedic ward helps cut Guernsey waiting list for joint replacement surgery

Roisin Gauson went to meet Ted ahead of his operation...

More than 100 joint replacement patients have been treated in Guernsey's orthopaedic ward in the first 12 weeks since it opened.

Ted Bartie is the 100th person to undergo the procedure at the de Havilland Ward at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital.

Waiting lists at Guernsey's hospital more than doubled during the pandemic, with orthopaedic surgeries some of the worst affected.

The ward was opened on 10 October 2022. Credit: ITV Channel

The island's Medical Director, Dr Peter Rabey, says the new facility is helping to reduce waiting times for patients:

"This is a remarkable achievement in such a short amount of time. Indeed, without the de Havilland Unit, many of these 100 would have been postponed due to significant pressure for beds in the hospital during this time."

The average length of hospital stay for patients undergoing joint surgery is now two days, compared to six or seven previously.

Five other islanders were undergoing joint surgery on the same day as Ted. Credit: ITV Channel

Mr Bartie told ITV News he is looking forward to the future post-surgery:

"The first thing to do is to be able to drive, then take the car to France and we've got a cruise booked to Iceland in July.

"With a cruise, there's always a lot of walking so you need to be able to walk, and I haven't been able to do these things because of my knees."

Zara le Page, Deputy Sister at the de Havilland Ward says it's had a hugely positive impact to islanders:

"They are able to come in and have their operation with reduced risk of having a cancellation due to our beds being ringfenced so it's really made a massive difference."