Guernsey Post unable to send international mail after 'cyber incident' affects Royal Mail

Guernsey Post have said the disruption will continue until further notice. Credit: ITV Channel

International letters and parcels sent from Guernsey have been disrupted following a 'cyber incident' which affected Royal Mail.

Guernsey Post has been unable to ship international items since Thursday 12 January and the company has warned disruption is likely to continue until further notice.

It follows Royal Mail's announcement that there will be disruption across the UK's postal service for international deliveries.

However, Guernsey Post says services to the UK are currently unaffected by the incident.

For some businesses in Guernsey, the mail disruption has affected sales.

Owner of Guernsey Woollens, Paul Eldridge, says: "Currently we're having to hold all our European and international orders until we know where we stand and might have to start using DHL or someone like that and that's going to cost us and our customers more.

"I was talking to a UK customer today who said they've swapped to Evri and they've not looked back. They've had poorer service and the prices keep going up. If the prices do keep going up they'll price themselves out of the market for a different service."