More people in Guernsey are selling their unwanted belongings online

Trade It Guernsey has noted a large rise in the number of items listed for sale last year compared to the previous year

More people are using an online selling platform in Guernsey since the rise in the cost of living.

'Trade It Guernsey' has been running since 2014 and had 600 more items listed for sale on its website last year, compared to the previous year.

The site's co-owner Adrian Welch said the site had around 4,500 listings last year.

Adrian Welch, Co-owner of trading site Credit: ITV Channel

Adrian said: "There's always things around the home that you can make money from that are just sitting there.

"You might get £20, £30, £50 and it's better in your pocket than it is just sitting there not being used, or in a drawer, or in a loft."

Charity shops say they're still getting donations - but with increasing competition from local online groups, they're having to adapt.

To entice customers in, Les Bourgs hospice shop is running a blue cross sale for the first time , with half-price items to encourage sales and shift old stock to make way for the new.

Ben Francis is one islander choosing to donate to charity shops rather than sell the things his family have outgrown Credit: ITV Channel

Islander Ben Francis says donating to charity shops is more hassle-free.

He said: "You can end up spending lots of time trying to sell something and then people sometimes don't show up and things like that, so it is easier to drop it here and you're supporting a charity at the same time so everyone is a winner."

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