Cambridge choir visits Jersey to raise money for disadvantaged local children

Katya Fowler went to meet the King's Men ahead of their performance...

A world class choir from Cambridge has visited Jersey on the final stop of its UK tour to raise money so local children can attend music workshops at school.

The King's Men are an acapella group formed from the Choir of King's College Cambridge.

During their trip, the choral scholars carried out workshops in local schools and performed in two concerts at the Town Church.

Chorister Matt Supramaniam said: "There were children coming up to us at sort of as young as year two at the workshop saying I absolutely love singing, when are you coming back? How can I do more of this?"

The choir performed to a full house on Saturday night. Credit: ITV Channel

Local charity Music in Action invited the choir over in the hope of raising £8,000 so more young people in Jersey can take up music lessons.

James Mews who runs the charity said: "The money raised is going to go towards a series of workshops in schools and we're going to be focusing on those schools with the more disadvantaged catchment areas.

"And so we're going to see a real burgeoning of music and we're going to see happy faces and inspire children."

Binath wants others to have the same opportunities he had when growing up. Credit: ITV Channel

Chorister Binath Philomin said it's important that all children have access to musical opportunities if they want them.

"I think it's so important that a group like us who have all been so fortunate to have the opportunities that we've had, should be giving music and providing these kind of music education opportunities for children of all backgrounds," he said.

"So it's really lovely for us to be here in Jersey, to work with all these children, to teach them a bit about what we do as a choir and then hopefully educate and inspire them"

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