Jersey's fishing industry to benefit from £300,000 of government funding

Don Thompson, of Jersey Fishermen's Association, says the food producing industry needs support to continue.

Jersey's fishing industry is set to benefit from £300,000 of government funding.

Under the Marine Sector Support Scheme, money will be offered to organisations to help cover increasing costs such as fuel and staffing.

The amount given to eligible businesses will depend on their environmental and social impacts.

Deputy Kirsten Morel said: "It’s a real opportunity to ensure we maintain and develop a sector that is an important part of Jersey’s heritage."

"In the short term, we are working closely with all stakeholders to design a scheme that can deliver support as swiftly as possible so that businesses can meet the many significant economic challenges that they currently face."

This is the first scheme of it's kind for Jersey's fishing sector Credit: ITV Channel

Deputy Morel added: "Neighbouring jurisdictions already provide similar support to their marine sectors, and this will enable Jersey to remain competitive by delivering appropriate support to our sector."

But some in the fishing industry say it is not enough.

Dom Thomspon from Jersey Fishermen's Association says: "When we talk about that sort of support, we need proper investment and not figures like 300k.

"300 grand in crisis support for short term will be appreciated, it will help. But if we want an industry here in this island to continue, we have to get realistic about the figures."

The States say there will be a consultation in the next few months to help tailor the scheme to the specific needs of the industry.

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