Major incident stood down after Jersey reservoir overflows, forcing residents from their homes

  • Residents had to be evacuated by dinghy as the water level continued to rise

Jersey's emergency services have stood down after a major incident was declared on Tuesday afternoon.

Flash floods saw more than 50 residents evacuated from their homes in the Grands Vaux area following torrential rain.

Some are now returning to assess the damage and all roads have now reopened, although drivers are asked to take extra care.

Flooding outside Grands Vaux school Credit: Sheila de St Croix

The local primary school that was forced to close on Tuesday will also reopen, with some outdoor areas cordoned off.

  • Heavy rainfall and blocked drains led to flooding in the Grands Vaux area (Video: Ollie Taylor)

There are no reported injuries and those affected can call the public information line on 01534 448844.

People are being asked not to swim in the sea for the time being after sewage that had overflowed during the floods was found near 11 beaches.

  • Grands Vaux residents spoke to ITV Channel about the flooding

A number of homes in the area have been flooded, leaving rooms under several inches of water.

Many of the properties are social housing, run by Andium Homes. Mike Porter from the company told us on Tuesday that they have been working to support affected residents.

  • Andium Homes says it is working to assess the damage and make sure residents are taken care of.

Islanders who have had their electricity supply disrupted due to the floods are being asked to contact Jersey Electricity.

Government officials say the flooding was caused by water overflowing from the nearby Grands Vaux reservoir.

The island's forecasting service, Jersey Met, says there has been exceptionally heavy rainfall.

Water is being pumped from Grands Vaux reservoir into Queen's Valley reservoir, several miles away.

A vast cavern was constructed beneath Fort Regent in St Helier in the 1990s, designed to collect overflowing water during heavy storms, but Jersey's government said it was already full to capacity by 5am on Tuesday morning.

Once it reaches full capacity, excess water is let out into St Aubin's Bay and several other pipes around the island.

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