Free trips offered as part of new electric bus trial in Guernsey

A new electric bus is being trialled on Guernsey's streets to see if it is suitable for local roads. Credit: ITV Channel

People in Guernsey are being offered the chance to ride a zero-emission electric bus for free.

The latest trial is running from Thursday 19 to Sunday 22 January, with passengers able to jump on board the 23-seater for short trips to and from town on Friday morning.

Departures will be from stand A between 10:30am and 11:45am.

At just under nine metres long the bus is described as ideal to manoeuvre through tight spots.

Environment and Infrastructure Committee President, Deputy Lindsay de Sausmarez, explained: "When it comes to buses, we must ensure they are easy to use, comfortable and reliable."

This latest announcement follows a similar trial in Guernsey back in 2021.

Jersey also tried out an electric bus but plans were delayed as it struggled to cope on some of the island's steeper routes.

Director for CT Plus, Kevin Hart, added: "Technology has moved on and the range of vehicles is extending.

"We hope that the trial shows what is possible in the very near future."