More workers on way to Jersey from Antigua and Barbuda

Hospitality workers will once again return to the island to help during the summer season. Credit: ITV Channel

More workers from Antigua and Barbuda could arrive soon in Jersey to help fill recruitment issues in the hospitality industry.

A three-year agreement was signed last year between the Governments of Jersey and Antigua and Barbuda.

Around 50 workers from the islands were employed in Jersey last summer, with more expected to return this year.

Patrice Simon, from the Antigua Barbuda Hotels & Tourism Association, said: "We are looking at 100. With our pre-registration, we have already passed the half way mark.

"We probably have around 80 who have re-registered, and we haven't even opened it up to the general public yet.

"So we'll see where that final number lands but we're off to a great start with the registration process in Antigua."

  • Patrice Simon, Antigua Barbuda Hotels & Tourism Association

Those selected will work in Jersey from April to September, easing pressures in hospitality.

Marcus Calvani from Jersey's Hospitality Association said: “Our industry is benefiting from receiving trained professionals from Antigua and Barbuda, many of whom have gained management skills working in their industry.

"We think there are opportunities for people to go in the other direction too, inspiring islanders to learn their profession in the Caribbean and return to Jersey with the knowledge and experience that they have picked up from working overseas.”

Employers in Jersey have until 17 February to register for the scheme and upload vacancies to the portal.

Antiguan authorities will then screen their candidates, and recruitment is expected to be completed by 10 March.

Those who are successful should arrive in Jersey at the start of April.

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