Heroic five-year-old boy, who saved his mum's life with 999 call, given special award

  • "Mummy can't breathe": listen as five-year-old Colby calls 999 to tell the emergency services his mum needs help

A heroic five-year-old who called 999 after his mum collapsed has been praised for potentially saving her life.

Colby Bridgman, now six and from Guernsey, calmly spoke to the emergency services and gave them vital information such as his address so that the ambulance could be sent quickly.

In the phone call recording, Colby can be heard saying, "Mummy can't breathe properly and we live on [road name]."

He goes on to spell out his first name and explains that his mum cannot talk because she is lying down on the floor and has her eyes closed.

Colby continues to check on his mum and stays on the phone until help arrives.

He then knocks on the house door so the ambulance staff know where to find him.

They said: “Colby was amazing. He was calm, helpful and so grown up at a time that must have been really frightening for him.

"He was so polite and kind and even gave us one of his special stones to thank us for looking after his mum."

Colby's mum, Jess Payne joined her son as he was awarded a special commendation by Guernsey's ambulance service.

She explained: "I've always wanted to make sure that he's aware of being able to phone 999 just in case there is an emergency... He did really well."

Call handler Liz Arklie also received a performance award in recognition of her efforts.

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