Friends raise £10,000 through odd jobs to help build Ugandan school

  • Members of the group explain what skills they hope young people can learn at the new school once it is built

A group of friends from Jersey have raised nearly £10,000 to help build a sustainable school in Uganda.

They spent a year doing gardening and other odd jobs across the island - all in aid of the Kafunjo Community Project.

The initiative already educates 350 local children in southwest Uganda but it is now expanding to give older teenagers the chance to learn new skills so they can earn a living.

Organiser Philip Renouard explained: "Things like carpentry, IT, textiles, a trade so hopefully they can make something and sell it in local markets around Uganda."

Fellow volunteer Julie Robinson added: "Africa's an amazing place but these people do need some help and rather than just put my money in a box, I love to go over there and they're so grateful."

The group are now travelling to Uganda to assist with the school's development.