Ewe's the daddy? Guernsey family surprised after sheep unexpectedly gives birth

  • Kate Prout has been out visiting the Allez family farm, which appears to be the site of an ovine immaculate conception.

A Guernsey family say they "can't believe it" after one of their sheep gave birth, with no idea who the father is.

Edna the ewe was due to give birth in April after being impregnated by a ram last November, but it appears the wool had been pulled over her owners' eyes and she had somehow fallen pregnant several months earlier.

The sheep's owners, Molly and Bryan Allez, suspect a ram might have vaulted the fence to pay Edna a visit.

Edna gave birth to two lambs called Bubble and Squeak Credit: ITV Channel

Molly told ITV News Edna has been a little sheepish since the incident:

"She didn't feed her first two babies so she came into season before the others. We think a passing ram may have jumped over the fence and 'serviced' her."

Bryan said Edna's "secret boyfriend" had cost the family a lot of money as they had to get the vet out to assist with the birth.