Guernsey Welsh male voice choir prepare to sing at rugby Six Nations

Guernsey's only Welsh male voice choir has been invited to sing at the rugby Six Nations tournament ahead of Wales' match against England.

The choir is made up of 40 members who come from Wales, England and Guernsey. It is one of only four choirs outside Wales to be invited to sing at the tournament.

Previously, the choir was invited to sing at the 2020 Six Nations ahead of Wales taking on Scotland but due to the pandemic, the Welsh Rugby Union Authority decided to pull out of the match.

John Good is a member of the choir and honoured to be performing in his home city's stadium. Credit: ITV Channel Television

Now, the choir is getting a second opportunity to perform. This time, in front of a Welsh crowd at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff.

For the choir members, being invited to sing at the tournament is a huge honour.

One member of the choir, John Good, says: "Well Cardiff is my home town so for me, it's just one of the best. I'm getting emotional about it now, thinking about it."

The choir's musical director, Fiona Le Tissier, says: "I think one of the really enjoyable parts is that all the boys really do work so hard.

"To be invited is very exciting. It is exciting anyway but for it to be a Wales/England match, well that makes it even better."

The choir will be performing in Cardiff on Saturday 25 February before Wales play against England.