Guernsey children bury time capsule to mark 200 years of meat market

Primary school students in Guernsey have buried a time capsule to celebrate 200 years since the island's meat market first opened.

Children from schools across the islands placed items and letters into the capsule, before it was placed in the tunnels under the market building to be found in another 200 years.

An exhibition which showcases the history of the Market opens today (1 February) at the George Crossan Gallery.

The public can view photographs from the early 1800s to the present day, including many historic events that have taken place in the Market.

The Director of Bailwick Estates who manage the market building, Sonia Taylor, says: "We wanted to get the children involved in a very historic area of the town, you know, the celebration of that and how could we do it?

"So we thought right ok, lets put together a time capsule that can be opened in 200 years' time. So, in a way, the children of today are giving to the children of the future."