Mystery carp found in water pumping station

  • Vet Jenna Baker talks about the unusual discovery

A stray koi carp has been found at a Jersey Water pumping station.

The adventurous swimmer was fished out of a facility in St Saviour but no one knows how he ended up there.

Vet Jenna Baker explained: "Normally it's stray dogs or cats but you don't really get stray fish so this is very unusual.

"We have a couple of theories, potentially with all the high water we've had recently and the flooding he could have washed away from a pond into a waterway and then the pumping station. Or he could've been dumped there by a previous owner who could no longer care for him.

"If fish could talk, it would be great to hear his stories and how he ended up there."

The carp has been taken to the JSPCA Animal Shelter where he is said to be doing well but they would like to return him to his home.

Anyone with a pond is asked to count their fish to check if one is missing.

The owner has a week to make their claim before the process starts to find him a new home - which will most likely be in an outdoor pond once the weather warms up.