Neighbours asked to report empty homes through new Jersey government hotline

A government action plan to tackle empty homes was published in November. Credit: Government of Jersey

People in Jersey are being invited to report their neighbours' vacant properties to the government.

Residents can call or email the new Empty Homes Service who will then start an investigation.

Homeowners can also refer themselves to the scheme for advice.

It is hoped the move will bring more properties back into the market and reduce pressure on the island's current housing stock.

Other options such as a yearly tax on empty homes have been mooted.

Housing Minister Deputy David Warr explained: "We already have 40 cases under review, and that’s before the service had even launched.

"It’s clear to me how much people care about this issue – they’re sad to see homes lying empty and falling into disrepair, and owners know they’re sitting on a wasted resource and want to do something about it."

More information about the service can be found here and the team can be contacted by emailing or calling 01534 441614.