Jersey's Chief Minister backs finance minister over Petty Debts summons

Deputy Kristina Moore praised Deputy Philip Ozouf's work since returning to government, saying he has done an 'excellent job'. Credit: ITV Channel

Jersey's Chief Minister has backed her ministerial colleague, saying politicians should be judged "on how they perform in their official role" rather than their private lives.

It comes after the financial services minister, Deputy Philip Ozouf, was summoned to the Petty Debts court for the third time in three months over unpaid bills. The latest case has been adjourned for four weeks.

He told ITV News there had been an "oversight" relating to a £179 bill owed to Health Plus Ltd, and "corrective action" was being taken.

The island's top politician, Deputy Kristina Moore, has defended her fellow minister, saying those cases are not linked to his work in government - including preparing the island for an evaluation looking at how well the finance sector complies with international standards:

"Ministers should be judged on how they perform in their official role, and Deputy Ozouf is doing an excellent job as Minister for External Relations and Financial Services – improving our relations with the UK, France and beyond, preparing for our Moneyval assessment and promoting our financial services industry."