Review opens into Island Wide Voting system in Guernsey

Ballot papers in Guernsey
The first-ever Island Wide Voting General Election took place in October 2020. Credit: ITV Channel

A review into Guernsey's Island Wide Voting system has been launched.

The first-ever General Election with the new process in place was in October 2020.

It meant that politicians no longer represented specific districts as they did before.

The review will assess the advantages and disadvantages of the system, but it will not propose any changes to the 2025 General Election.

The Scrutiny Management Committee will form a panel, with politicians including Deputy Carl Meerveld and Deputy Simon Fairclough.

The first stage of the review, a Call For Evidence, begins today (2 February).

Islanders will be able to give their views on the voting process and there will be public hearings to collect evidence which will form part of the review.

Deputy Yvonne Burford, President of the Scrutiny Management Committee and Chair of its Review Panel, said: “Guernsey’s first General Election by full Island Wide Voting was held in October 2020.

My Committee considers that such a substantial change to the way we elect our Government should be reviewed and feedback from the community should be sought in order to inform the operation of General Elections beyond 2025.

We want to hear from the public and all interested parties, and we will be launching a call for submissions imminently”.

You can find more information on how to make a submission on the government website.