Guernsey boy, 9, writes song to help friend overcome fear of the dark

Listen to Harrison's catchy song 'Hello Dark'...

A schoolboy from Guernsey has written a song to help his friend overcome a fear of the dark.

Harrison Ainger, 9, wrote 'Hello Dark' after a sleepover when he realised his friend Ernie was finding it hard to fall asleep.

He remembers: "My mum came in and tried to get us to sleep but Ernie couldn't because he really didn't like the dark, so I tried to make a song for him."

Harrison says the lyrics came instantly into his head, and he was able to write the first verse that same night.

When he first played the finished song to Ernie, Harrison says his friend was 'stunned'.

Since then, 'Hello Dark' has been played during his school assembly, and Harrison says he'd like keep writing songs and become a singer.