Family made homeless after property scammers target people in Jersey

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£22,000 of islanders' money has been lost to online scammers Credit: PA

One family has been made homeless whilst another has lost all their savings due to property scammers in Jersey.

It's families who are desperate for housing that are being targeted with rental property scams.

Scammers are advertising places to rent on Jersey Facebook pages and luring in islanders with below average rental prices.

Police say scammers will demand a deposit before the property can be viewed, then will drop all contact after money is transferred.

Investigating officer Faith Shalamon says some of these victims have lost all their savings.

She said: "One family were made homeless by giving notice on their home, believing they were moving into the new rental property.

"The emotional impact on the people caught up in this scam has been very traumatic for them."

Jersey police believe the same person is carrying out many of the scams. Credit: ITV Channel

The force say they're currently dealing with 26 complaints of these frauds - all linked to fake Facebook profiles - which have caused victims a combined loss of £22,000.

Islanders with young children and without housing qualifications are especially being targeted.

Ms Shalamon added: “Anyone interested in moving into a property should never part with any money until they have seen any advertised property in person and met with the landlord or estate agent.”

How to avoid scams

Police are offering these to tips on keeping safe from rental scams

  • Never hand over cash without viewing a property in person

  • Always meet the landlord or agent in person

  • Check out any agent’s credentials

  • Be wary of high-pressure sales tactics

  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

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