Boy, 7, invited to sausage dog event after losing his dachshund

  • ITV Channel's Alex Spiceley went to meet Jace as his dreams came true on St Aubin's Beach.

A seven-year-old boy from Jersey has been reunited with his favourite breed of dog after his dachshund Mabel died in November.

Jace Mallet was invited down to St Aubin's Beach to meet the tiny pups taking part in the sausage stroll.

Dozens of dachshund and their owners turned out to meet Jace and fulfil his wish of having a cuddle with the four-legged friends.

Charlie says the event has brought back fond memories for the family of happy times with Mabel. Credit: ITV Channel

Jace's mum Charlie says he had been counting down the days until the sausage stroll.

She explained: "He'd asked me a few times and we'd bumped into a few sausage dogs in town and it was quite emotional for him.

"He kept saying can you ask your friends if there is one that I can go and see?

"Everybody's really kind and I'm really grateful that everybody came today for Jace."

Charlie says Jace had been finding it difficult without Mabel, but the event has been a great distraction.

It was a record turnout for the sausage stroll event. Credit: ITV Channel

Stuart Thompson, who organised the stroll, said: "I lost one of mine in December and I know how upsetting it can be, so if we can do something, especially for a young little boy to make him happy then what better way to come down and be on the beach and be with a load of sausage dogs."

The event takes place on one Sunday every month, but this sausage stroll had the biggest turnout, with 37 pups in attendance.