Could the Channel Islands be set for snow after UK warnings issued?

We had a sprinkling of snow in February 2021 but will the white stuff return next week? Credit: Melissa Carver

Now I know there is a lot of talk in the UK about the chance of some of the white stuff next week, with yellow warnings for snow and ice issued for Scotland and North-East England on Monday and Tuesday.

I think it's going to be a slightly different picture here in the Channel Islands - dull, wet and cold.

As we head into the first weekend of March, the key information, if you are going out, is to take your umbrella!

Cloudy skies and light winds will largely be on the agenda and with that north-easterly or northerly airflow it's still going to feel rather fresh.

The temperature by day is set to hover just above mid-single figures and just above freezing by night.

Overnight into Monday we could see wintry showers in the form of hail, and outbreaks of rain overnight into Wednesday could contain sleet by dawn.

The winds are set to increase in strength to a fresh force five so I think at this stage by Friday, we're more likely to see showers and rain with some wintriness in the mix.

But it's still a little while away and different forecasting models bring up different variations.

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