Is walking football as easy as it looks?

  • Walking football may not be as easy as it ITV Channel finds out

With Jersey preparing to send a team to the Walking Football World Cup, Keilan Webster and Jonathan Wills decided to give the sport a go.

Speaking ahead of the upcoming competition, David Kennedy, of Jersey FA said: "We're obviously going to be playing at a really high level."

"At the level we're going to, the ball's going to have to do a lot of work.

"There's gonna be a lot of tactical preparation required for it, to make sure that we're picking up the right spaces, doing the right things with the balls."

What is walking football?

It is relatively new form of the national game, aimed at helping older individuals or those with injuries continue to play.

The main difference from its traditional counterpart is that running is not allowed. Players can walk as fast as they can but must not run with or without the ball.

It is also classed as a non-contact sport, so while tackling is allowed this must be done with no contact.