Do you remember the Channel Islands snow storm of 2013?

A decade on Kate Prout has been to find out how islanders coped in the white out.

It has been 10 years since the last significant snowfall in the Channel Islands, which saw Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney and Sark come to a standstill.

Heavy snow covered the islands, leaving drivers stranded and homes cut off.

A worker clearing snow to create a path for the ambulance. Credit: ITV Channel

Andy Adam, duty officer of Guernsey's Ambulance recalls the chaos of the day.

The service responded 26 call outs in 48 hours - some, but not all, related to the conditions.

"We were called to emergencies as cars were crashing and breaking down and there were incidents we really struggled to get to in places," says Adam.

The ambulance negotiated treacherous conditions to help those in need. Credit: ITV Channel

"I remember going to an emergency, I think in Victoria Road and it took 45 minutes to get there," he added.

"It took so long the patient - it wasn't a serious injury - had gone. So we lost a patient."

On today's anniversary of the storm, islanders have been looking back on their own memories of the snow, with some posting on social media to share their tales:

"That snow was incredible, there were several cars trapped in on our road with snow right up to their roofs," Tel O'Donoghue commented on Facebook.

Sue Rogders added: "On a little trip out in our Land Rover 10 years ago we even helped pull the fire service Land Rover out of a huge drift they had become stuck in."

"I had so much fun," Billie Jo Murgatroyd posted on Facebook. "My sisters and I went on an adventure around the back lanes. "

Tegan and Hollie Ogier enjoying their first experience of snow. Credit: Helen Ogier

For those cut off in the lanes or the upper parishes, the local shops played a vital role.

Keith Bienvenu, director of Forest Stores says the morning was very busy: People came in and panic buyed.

"The afternoon got worse and we sent most of the staff home. I stayed on for the rest of the afternoon and closed after 5.30."

Planes were grounded in the snowy conditions. Credit: ITV Channel

Guernsey Airport was closed for two days while more than 15,000 tons of snow was removed.

So deep were the snow drifts in some areas that some islanders were cut off in their parish for several days.

Such was the case for father and son John and Kit Gillson.

Jersey's Millbrook park looking almost unrecognisable in 2013 as the pond frozen over from the cold. Credit: Richard Langdu

"We tried to drive along the lane following a landrover, thinking if that can get through then so can we," says Kit.

"We followed it until it stopped and we saw a whole load of landrovers stuck in the snow. We couldn't get out the other way and we were stuck until they could get a JCB and clear the drift."

Cars snowed under St Saviour Credit: Natalie Stevens