Warning issued to dog owners in Guernsey as poisonous palm oil spotted on the coastline

Credit: ITV Channel

Dog owners in Guernsey are being warned to stay on the lookout for palm oil on the coastline and keep their pets away.

The GSPCA have issued a warning following reports of the substance being spotted at Grandes Rocques and Saline Bay.

It can be extremely poisonous to dogs so pet owners are being asked to keep their animals away from any palm oil if they see it.

Steve Byrne, manager at the GSPCA says: "Many of us enjoy the many beaches open to dogs during the winter months but this waxy substance can be life threatening if eaten by your pet."

Palm oil is a cream white, waxy looking subsance Credit: GSPCA

Palm oil is described as white and oily looking. If ingested, it can kill a dog.

“The main problems are vomiting and diarrhoea and these can lead to dehydration, particularly in young or small dogs," added Steve.

“We would suggest anyone with a dog that has eaten palm oil contact their vet immediately for advice, particularly if the dog is already unwell.”