Channel Islands celebrate Commonwealth Day

This year's theme is ‘forging a sustainable and peaceful common future’.  Credit: ITV Channel

People across the Channel Islands will celebrate Commonwealth Day today (13 March).

Commonwealth Day celebrates unity, diversity and the links of the modern Commonwealth.

This year, the theme for Commonwealth Day is: ‘Forging a sustainable and peaceful common future’. 

It encourages member states to support the promotion of peace, prosperity and sustainability, especially through climate action, to secure a better future for young people and improve the lives of all Commonwealth citizens.

King Charles III has sent a message to the Commonwealth nations.

He pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, for whom he says "Commonwealth Day was an occasion of particular pride."

The message reads: "The Commonwealth has been a constant in my own life, and yet its diversity continues to amaze and inspire me.

"Its near-boundless potential as a force for good in the world demands our highest ambition; its sheer scale challenges us to unite and be bold.

"Let ours be a Commonwealth that not only stands together, but strives together, in restless and practical pursuit of the global common good."

The King says the Commonwealth is an association 'of common purpose and joint action.' Credit: PA

Jersey’s branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) promotes parliamentary best practice and the values of the Commonwealth in Jersey’s States Assembly.

Over the last 12 months States Members has focused on improving key global issues on a local scale, such as women’s safety, single use plastics and climate change.

Deputy Rob Ward, Chair of the Jersey branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, said: “Jersey’s involvement with the CPA allows us to learn more from countries around the world about good governance and make more of an impact in this increasingly interconnected world.

"Membership to the CPA is key for our island at a time where international action on global issues such as climate change demand a cooperative approach across countries”.