Free support service proposed to tackle workplace discrimination in Guernsey

The measure would try to help people resolve employment and discrimination issues before formal complaints are made under the new law. Credit: Scott Graham / Unsplash

A free support service is being proposed to support Guernsey's new anti-discrimination law.

The service would try to help people resolve workplace problems before formal complaints are made that can result in expensive lawsuits.

It would be run by a new group called the Employment and Equal Opportunities Service (EEOS), replacing the current Employment Relations Service, and operate independently to avoid any potential conflict over issues that may involve the States of Guernsey.

Politicians are set to discuss this on Wednesday 26 April and once approved, the President of the island's Employment and Social Security Committee believes EEOS's Director needs to be brought in as soon as possible.

"We need to get them in place really quite quickly now because they need to have their feet under the table and be ready to go come October, so really over the next two or three months," Deputy Peter Roffey explained.

"This is a vital piece of legislation that will establish the functions and powers of the Director."

Sunday 1 October is significant as from this date it will become illegal to discriminate against someone's race, disability, carer status, sexual orientation, or religious belief after politicians unanimously approved the law last year.