Dangerous roads problem to be tackled by parish officials

ITV Channel's Phil Wellbrook reports...

Vale Parish officials have raised concerns with Guernsey States Traffic and Highway Services about two roads which pose a risk to pedestrians.

The two areas are at Bordeaux and the junction of Braye Road and Vale Avenue, by Iceland.

The main concern is the lack of pavement or pedestrian area on a bend meaning cars hug the wall, getting close to walkers.

Officials in Vale now say they want to "use a contractor of our own to do the work and pay for it" using funds from Parish rates.

Senior Constable, Richard Leale, says: "What concerns me is the Constables and individual douzeniers have had a number of complaints about near misses and this is an on-going situation.

"What we all want to avoid is someone getting hurt – and people with pushchairs are especially vulnerable – for this to become a priority."

The concerns were raised by the douzaine in its last meeting, with letters being sent to the Traffic and Highway services.

In response Highways said adding infrastructure to promote active travel is one of its key objectives.

However, it is unlikely that the two areas would be prioritised in the immediate future because they are not within the main centres of St Peter Port or the Bridge.