No short-term fix to Jersey's growing toxic waste dump at La Collette

There is no immediate plan to tackle the growing waste mound at La Collette. Credit: ITV Channel

There appears to be no end in sight for the growing amount of toxic waste at Jersey's La Collette centre, according to the island's Infrastructure Minister.

Politicians recently rejected plans for more material to be thrown away there but Deputy Tom Binet says it is the only option right now.

"In the short-term, there is no solution other than to continue as we are," he explained.

"I think there might be some long-term solutions but there's nothing in the offing, nothing in the foreseeable future that's doable."

Deputy Binet believes such a significant issue needs to be discussed by the States Assembly, highlighting the environmental impact of their current strategy.

"On the toxic waste side, you can see it actually alters the coastline," he said.

However, there may be an alternative plan in the next two or three years to discard the inert building waste that is also clogging up space at La Collette.

This could be moved into one of the island's quarries, Deputy Binet adds, freeing up more space for the toxic material to be spread out at its current site and the coastline re-landscaped.

He stresses this is only an initial idea as a solution needs to be found on-island - with it unlikely that they can ship the rubbish to someone else.

"It would cost a colossal amount of money and you've got to get somebody that wants to take on the problem," he explained.