Jersey's Chief Minister apologises for lack of clarity over former CEO's resignation

Deputy Kristina Moore apologises for lack of clarity over former CEO's resignation.
Deputy Kristina Moore has released a video responding to some of the concerns raised following Suzanne Wylie's resignation. Credit: States of Jersey

Jersey's Chief Minister has apologised for a lack of clarification regarding Suzanne Wylie's resignation.

It comes after the government's Chief Executive Officer quit on 14 March after just 13 months in the job.

In a statement, Deputy Kristina Moore said: "There was a delay between Suzanne delivering the news of her resignation and the Government announcing it publicly to allow for planning, which was mutually agreed with Suzanne.

"Suzanne handed her letter of resignation to me on 14 March following a Council of Ministers meeting held in Grouville.

"This was ahead of the formal announcement on 22 March, and it is a point which I should have made clear last week. That I did not is a matter of regret to me, and I apologise."

Suzanne Wylie OBE joined the Government of Jersey from Belfast City Council in February 2022. Credit: ITV Channel TV

"Suzanne's departure is not connected to the departures from Health. The reasons for Suzanne's departure are personal.

"We have a duty of care to Suzanne – as we do for all government employees – and must acknowledge her right to confidentiality.

"Of course, working in government can at times be difficult, as we have so much to deliver for Jersey, and we need to ensure the environment is one that includes appropriate challenge alongside proper support.

"As a Council of Ministers, we must act in a manner befitting of elected officials, with professionalism and decorum. We must unite and show Islanders that we are committed to delivering great services and better value for money."

Deputy Kristina Moore goes on to confirm that her Deputy, Kirsten Morel, had known about Suzanne Wylie's resignation more than a week before it was formally announced.

That is despite the fact that he told the States Assembly that he was "not aware of" any resignations that would follow those of Chief Nurse Rose Naylor and Chief Officer for HSC Caroline Landon.

  • Deputy Morel told States Members he 'was not aware' of any further departures from the civil service.

Jersey has been through three CEOs in as many years, and Deputy Moore added that plans are underway to "redefine the role".

However, former Deputy Chief Minister, Deputy Lyndon Farnham, has told ITV News that she now needs to address concerns about the "culture" inside Broad Street - a culture he believes led to Suzanne Wylie's resignation.

He said: "I have been left in no doubt that our CEO, Suzanne Wylie, was hounded out of office through the sustained and unacceptable control/behaviour of some senior ministers.

"Whilst she is likely to be coming under pressure from the same ministers to corroborate with their version of events, her dignified silence speaks volumes."