Concerns raised that more young children are having communication issues after the pandemic

EMBARGOED TO 0001 MONDAY SEPTEMBER 7 File photo dated 21/08/14 of a child using a laptop computer. Six out of 10 teachers say they are worried about their pupils� safety online after many became dependent on the internet to continue learning amid lockdown, according to a survey.
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The head of Guernsey States' Early Years Team says we need to be 'mindful' of the impact that screen time can have on young children's brains.

Rush Sharp says that during the pandemic, more parents were using tablets and screens more while juggling childcare - and this has left children in a disadvantaged position now.

Ruth says: "When we link into things like heroin addiction, gambling addiction, the same part of brain is stimulated when it comes to screens. That's what's happening in the brain.

"So we've got to be mindful of our role and our responsibility of making sure we have that balance."

Elaine Allen, who runs Butterflies Pre-School in Guernsey, told ITV Channel they are seeing an increase in the number of children coming through at early years with communication difficulties.

Ruth added: "Don't underestimate the impact we have in the early years, it's a privileged position to be in but it's a position of responsibility,"