"I trust Terri completely": Partially-sighted man takes on half marathon with guide runner

WATCH: Clare Burton and Alex Spiceley chat to Sha and Terri about how it felt to cross the finish line....

A partially-sighted runner from Jersey has completed his first half marathon.

Sha Khan crossed the finish line of the London Landmarks Half Marathon, alongside his guide runner Terri O'Donoghue, in 2 hours and 12 minutes.

He describes the experience as 'incredible', and says it is 'all thanks to Terri' who he trusts 'completely'.

Sha suddenly lost his sight in summer 2021, and says he took up running to give him a new passion for life.

He describes losing his sight as "scary, because you suddenly realise you'll always need people to talk to and help you along the way.

"The first thing I learned was to ask for help."

Sha and Terri ran together with a tether tying their hands together. Credit: Terri O'Donoghue

He says support he has received from friends, family and the community has motivated him, and he would never have been able to complete the race without his guide runners.

With 5 kilometers of the half-marathon left to go, Sha remembers how he pictured running the Parkrun at Les Quennevais School on a Saturday morning.

He says: "There were 24,000 people there, and Terri got me through."

Whilst Terri helped Sha run the race without injuring himself, Sha also helped Terri overcome her fear of flying.

Terri says: "I had to get on a plane, which I haven't done for many years, and actually the plane wasn't too bad."

Sha is currently halfway through the assessment process to get a guide dog, which will help him develop his independence in the future.