Children from Sark School learn traditional dances to reconnect with nature

The children are practising ahead of a special May Day celebration with dancing, live music and a wicker man bonfire all planned. Credit: ITV Channel

Children in Sark have been learning ceilidh, morris and maypole dances to bring them closer to nature.

Organiser Jolie Booth moved to the island two and a half years ago and says she was disappointed that local history was not being celebrated in this way.

"All of these things are sort of dying out and I think it's really important to remember our indigenous culture," Ms Booth explained.

"We want to reconnect with nature and these celebrations are all about celebrating the land."

  • "It's going to be really fun" - Ruby Shuttleworth explains what they are rehearsing for

The group are practising for a special May Day festival on Saturday 29 April with plenty of other activities also planned from 11am including crafts, games and a wicker man bonfire in the evening.

The La Beltane day celebration is unticketed with any donations going towards a local charity that subsidises prescription medicines in Sark.

Tickets are on-sale to see bands perform later in the day.