'Historic finish': Jersey Reds claim victory over Ealing Trailfinders as they reach top of table

  • ITV's Keilan Webster was there to watch the victory

Jersey Reds claim victory over Ealing Trailfinders 19-13 in one of the club's biggest-ever games.

The island side is now top of the league, with just one game left to play until the winners of the Championship are decided.

Victory over Amphill this Saturday will secure their Championship title.

Tries were scored by Jersey's Alex McHenry, Sam Grahamslaw and Will Brown, and Ealing's Rob Farrar, with conversions made by Jersey's Russell Bennett and Ealing's Steven Shingler.

Before the game, Ealing were first in the table with Reds just one point behind.

Jersey Reds put together their best-ever season in The Championship with 19 wins from 20 games and just one defeat.

Jersey's Chairman, Mark Morgan, says: "I would never have believed we could be in the last game hopefully winning and winning the Championship. We've far outperformed my expectations and probably a lot of other people's."

Try scorer, Alex McHenry, says: "I didn't know what to think (when the final whistle blew). I couldn't believe it! We saw the clock was on 80 for about 10 minutes and I was like when are they going to blow it up?"

Jersey Reds will take on mid-table Ampthill this Saturday.