Photographers capture the beauty of the Northern Lights in Jersey

  • Guernsey based photographer captured a timelapse video over Rousse

The skies north of the Channel Islands lit up with pink hues last night, as the Northern Lights became visible.

High levels of magnetic activity meant the Aurora Borealis could be seen as far south as the Channel Islands.

Charles Cushen was one of those out to capture the lights:

Charles Cushen was out to capture the lights. Credit: Charles Cushen

Ross Nieuwburg was also out with his camera and took this photograph:

The Northern Lights were visible from Jersey last night. Credit: Ross Nieuwburg

He posted the image on social media and wrote: "Well worth popping out to "see" the aurora last night. Think I missed the best of it, there might have been a pink hue to the sky with the naked eye but with the camera, it comes out nicely!"

Grzegorz Kaminski went to Grosnez in St Ouen and captured this photograph:

Grzegorz Kamiński took this photograph of the Northern Lights in Jersey Credit: Grzegorz Kamiński

Mr Kaminski wrote on Jersey Amateur Photographers' Facebook page that he'd "never seen such a massive geomagnetic activity from Jersey".

Ryan Le Cheminant, a local photographer in Guernsey, took these photos on Sunday evening over Rousse:

The lights were also visible in Guernsey. Credit: Ryan Le Cheminant

On Sunday evening, AuroraWatch UK recorded a "red alert" reading of more than 700 nanoTeslas at 8pm. Anything over 200 nT is deemed enough for an aurora to be considered likely.

At 7am on Monday, the astronomers based at Lancaster University issued another "red alert", with a reading of more than 900 nT.

The lights could also be seen last night between 10pm and midnight.