Review of sport in Jersey begins

A sports group playing catch in a hall, a man in the gym and a swimming pool.
Credit: ITV Channel

A review of sport in Jersey begins this week (02 May).

An independent expert will examine how the government and Jersey Sport work together and make recommendations on how sport can best be delivered in the island.

Simon Cooper, former Head of Sport for the Mayor of London, is leading the review.

He says now is an appropriate time to look at how Jersey Sport is working, five years after it was established.

"There's a thriving sports scene here in Jersey," said Mr Cooper.

"There's a huge amount of enthusiasm for sport to do well in Jersey - how do we best capture that enthusiasm within sport and support those sports bodies to do well."

Mr Cooper will be conducting interviews with key stakeholders and sporting bodies.

Deputy Lucy Stephenson, Assistant Minister with Responsibility for Sport, added: “This strategic review of the sports delivery landscape is important to understand where we are now, and what changes – if any – we need to make in order to achieve value for money and effectiveness for Islanders.

"I was particularly keen to ensure it was an independent review by someone without preconceived views on Jersey's sporting set up."