'So many memories': Tea party unites those who lived through the Occupation of the Channel Islands

People who were born, evacuated, or lived through the occupation of Guernsey have come together to dance, sing and enjoy a tea party.

The event, hosted by Rob Rinder, celebrated 78 years since the island was liberated from the Nazis and was the highlight of the year for many islanders.

Kathleen Shorto attended the tea party, and told ITV Channel her personal story: "I was born in 1942 in Guernsey and stayed in Guernsey with my family and I was three when the war ended."

Event sponsor, Dame Mary Perkins, said: "To me it's something. A memory of Liberation and the Occupation should always be kept in everybody's minds and this is one way of saying thank you to those who were in Guernsey during those years or who were evacuated.

"That's what I wanted to do. To say thank you to them. And I love the memories, so many memories."

For many of the guests, it was a chance to reflect on their wartime memories and to reconnect with friends from the past.

Marjorie Travers "I've met so many people I haven't seen for so long and it is nice to meet up with this sort of atmosphere. They put on a great do."

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