'Our underwater world is just incredible': The photographer exploring Jersey's hidden depths

An underwater photographer hopes her work will show islanders how unique the marine life is around Jersey.

Grace Bailey says the waters are unfairly described as being grey, and she wants to change that perception with her photos.

"People don't realise what we have here in Jersey," she said. "We've got such diverse marine life that is so fragile.

"I want to educate people about what is down there. My photography is a powerful tool that actually lets me be a more effective ocean advocate and with that, I can actually share my ocean stories and potentially help people connect and make their own ocean stories."

An image of a Barrel Jellyfish captured by Grace in Jersey's waters. Credit: Grace Bailey

One of Grace's favourite photos is of a barrel jellyfish she took in Bouley Bay.

She used light reflecting off underwater sediment to make it look as if it was "about to launch in hyperspace."

It's images like this that she hopes will challenge people's opinion of the island's marine life.

She says: "I often get asked 'why are you going diving again? Jersey's pretty grey.'

"But actually, Jersey's very very colourful. If you dip underneath the surface, our underwater world is just actually incredible.

"My parents still don't believe that half of the creatures and half of the photos that I show them are from Jersey, and it's just mainly disbelief. People really don't realise what we have here in Jersey."

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