Firefighters called to smoke filled garage in Jersey

Firefighters in Jersey received multiple calls to smoke issuing from a garage near Five Oaks.
Credit: Jersey Fire & Rescue Service

Firefighters were called to a smoke filled garage in Five Oaks last night.

Two appliances were sent to the scene following multiple calls from neighbours.

When the officers arrived, they were concerned of a backdraft and possible flammable chemicals in the garage, but quickly worked to put out the fire.

In a statement of social media, the Jersey Fire & Rescue Service said: "Initial external observations of the garage gave rise to concerns of a possible backdraft situation - smoke blackened windows, thick black smoke issuing and history of the fire. [There was] also concern for common hazards associated with garages such as LPG, fuel and other flammables."

Officers believe it is likely to have started due to an electrical fault.

Watch Commander Ryan thanked the owner for his help in assessing how the fire could have started and the general public for maintaining a safe distance.