If Walls Could Talk: the iconic Alderney fort converted into a luxury home

  • Kate Prout went along to check out some of the views.

One of Alderney's iconic buildings has been converted into a luxury home.

Fort Corblets is one of twelve Napoleonic sites scattered across the island.

After decades of decline, the fort now rises into the skyline - thanks to a vision and determination from Stephen and Diana Mellor, who have owned the property since 2006.

A circular room inside the fort. Credit: ITV Channel

"It was up for sale and no one wanted it and it wasn't very expensive," says Diana.

"The vendor wanted a family in and he threw in the piano as well."

The couple used to lived in the lower part of the fort but then got permission to create this home.

The Fort lies below the Lighthouse and overlooks the Race and France.

Its owners used local architects and builders to try to keep it looking as authentic as possible.

Alderney Ambassador Donald Hughes says: "to a visitor you can drive past and because they've used a local stone, you don't know its new.

The fort dates back to the 19th century. Credit: ITV Channel

"The architects are from Guernsey and they've been able to use the vernacular stone and keep the circular part. The fort is still here."

Alderney is well known for being a heavily fortified island.

59 soldiers once manned Fort Corblets during the Napoleonic war of the mid 19th century, protecting the north east coast of Alderney from the French.