Sark struggles with lack of affordable housing despite 'numerous unused and abandoned properties'

A charity set up by King Charles III has been reviewing challenges and opportunities for Sark, with affordable housing highlighted as an area of concern. Credit: ITV Channel

The Channel Island of Sark is struggling with a lack of affordable homes despite "numerous properties being left abandoned, vacant or in a poor state of disrepair", according to a new report.

A review by The Prince's Foundation says the state of housing "exemplifies a lack of inclination or ability to invest ... [which] makes it difficult to sustain a young working population, who can afford to live and invest in the island long-term".

The Foundation was set up by King Charles III to help small communities build a better future.

It visited Sark in late April to hear from local residents with this report forming the basis for further discussions before a long-term plan is drawn up.

The island was praised for its natural environment with opportunities identified for eco-tourism, better medical and social care, and more support for businesses and young people.

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