Jersey farmer spends £18,000 to conserve water after last year's record temperatures

Jersey recorded its hottest year on record in 2022 and the warmer weather has forced some farmers to change the way they look after their crops. Credit: ITV Channel

A Jersey farmer says she has spent more than £18,000 on a new reservoir liner to help conserve water.

Christine Hellio believes the investment is needed to make them as efficient as possible with higher temperatures forcing growers to rely more on other sources rather than consistent rainfall.

The future of farming irrigation is being driven by changing weather - 2022 was Jersey's hottest year since records began and drier than average.

It peaked in July with a temperature of 37.9°C which was welcomed by some but created a headache for growers.

Water conservation is becoming increasingly important for farmers as they rely more on irrigation as the climate changes. Credit: ITV Channel

"Everybody enjoyed the summer and farmers like the sun as well but those high temperatures do make it really, really difficult for our crops," Christine explained.

"Every drop counts, particularly when you're growing your crop and the way that the weather is going at the moment, water is something I need."

Christine and Didier's farm grows winter veg such as sprouts, cauliflowers and cabbages for the local market but irrigation was required last year to keep the crops healthy.

"Every single seedling that we planted needed water and you have to now expect that as normal," she added.

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