Jersey wildlife law updated to include tree surveys and activities involving some reptile species

Islanders can apply for a licence to do tree surveys. Credit: ITV Channel

Jersey's wildlife law has been updated to include more activities.

Islanders can now apply for a licence to carry out tree surveys, use wild bird traps and organise educational projects that involve handling some reptile and amphibian species.

When applying, people need to prove there's no alternative and that they'll do it in way that won't have a long-term impact on the local habitat.

The activities are all offences without the licence.

The island's wildlife law was first introduced in June 2021 - it tries to protect wild animals, birds and plants, as well as nests, dens, breeding sites and resting sites.

Minister for the Environment, Deputy Jonathan Renouf, says: “The licence scheme ensures better protection of our island’s wildlife, enabling effective regulation of activities that affect local habitats and species.

“We have adopted some additional licence categories to permit certain activities, providing safeguards are met and that there is no long-term impact.

"If islanders or businesses are unsure whether their activity requires a licence, I encourage them to contact officers at natural environment.”

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