'Any sing goes': Choir of self-confessed 'terrible singers' invite others to join them

  • The choir come together twice a month and we went along to the latest session

Most of us love a good sing-song in the shower, and in many cases that's probably where it's best left.

But one choir in Jersey is largely made up of, in their own words, 'terrible singers'.

Meeting every other week, the sessions are a chance for people to have a go and not worry about the consequences.

The group have been going for more than a year and meets at St Saviour’s Parish Church.

"We've got some very good singers we've also got some not very good singers," said organiser Abby Brown.

“Everyone seems to enjoy it and no one judges anyone and it's a very welcoming space so it's exactly what I wanted to create".

The group have plenty of rehearsals before a big performance at the end of the session. Credit: ITV Channel

The group performs a different song every session.

"I’ve always enjoyed singing and going to karaoke but didn't want to join a choir that was too serious," explained one member.

"It's just a feeling of freedom and you know you can just enjoy yourself without having to be able to sing," said another.

The choir has a wide age range but only one male member, David Nicholas.

"We may not sound good but we feel good and that's what it says on the tin," he said.

The Feel Good Choir is always looking for new members and more information can be found on their Facebook page.

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