'Devastating': Coin toss sees Jersey women's football team dropped from Island Games

The Jersey Football Association say they are "gutted" about the decision. Credit: ITV Channel

Jersey women's football team has been dropped from the Island Games semi-final after an "administrative error".

At the end of the group stage, both Jersey and Menorca were on equal points and equal goal difference, so the final semi-final spot was decided by which team had the most disciplinary points.

Menorca had received one more yellow card than Jersey across their games, so Jersey bagged the final spot in Thursday's semi-final against the Western Isles.

However, the Spanish team appealed the decision, stating that there had been an administrative error when one of their yellow cards was logged.

Instead, a coin toss was used to decide the fate of both teams - which Jersey lost.

Menorca will now take on the Scottish side in the hope of progressing to the final, with the Jersey Football Association describing the outcome as "devastating for the JFA women".

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