Guernsey man watches home team at Island Games after four months in intensive care

  • Peter Bourgourd describes the feeling of being able to support Guernsey's football team after months in hospital...

A Guernsey man who has spent the last four months in Intensive Care has been surprised with a trip out of hospital to watch his home team play football.

Peter Bougourd was taken to the Island Games match between Guernsey and the Isle of Wight, to watch from his hospital bed on the sidelines.

Staff from St John Ambulance had decorated his bed as a show of support for his team.

"I didn't know until yesterday afternoon that I was coming to see this," Peter said.

"I've been in hospital for four months. I've been stuck in there, and a few more months to go and you can imagine what this means to me."

After four months in hospital, Peter's family and health workers surprised him with a trip out to see his local team play. Credit: ITV Channel

He added: "The nurses, the doctors, I tell you what - [they are] absolutely second to none. We're part of a family now.

"We all have fun all the time. This made my day."

Despite his beloved team suffering a 2-1 loss in the game, he enjoyed his trip to The Track.

When asked about his feelings on the outcome, Mr Bougourd said: "They can't fault themselves at all, they played extremely well and they must not feel defeated."

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