Restrictions brought in after new bird flu cases confirmed in Jersey

Two chickens in a St Martin flock were found to have died suddenly, and three more were "humanely culled". Credit: PA

Several chickens have died after bird flu was found to have spread in a flock in St Martin, Jersey.

Two birds were found to have died suddenly on Monday 17 July, which public health experts have confirmed as bird flu.

Three others have been humanely culled to prevent the disease from spreading.

A 3km "protection zone" has been brought into force centred around Archirondel, where the birds were kept.

Birdkeepers within 3km of Archirondel have been told to keep their animals away from wild birds. Credit: Google Maps

Any birdkeepers with flocks in that area have been instructed to keep them "housed" in a covered enclosure away from other wild birds or vermin.

It's the first time bird flu has been identified in Jersey since November 2022.

Jersey's Environment Minister, Deputy Jonathan Renouf, says the new confirmed cases are somewhat unexpected.

He said: "Ongoing surveillance testing of wild birds in Jersey had not detected avian influenza this year, with the last positive being the flock of graylag geese in St Ouen back in November.

"It is, therefore, a surprise to hear the sudden news that the virus has reappeared here this summer."

The minister added birdkeepers around the island should be vigilant and take extra precautions:

"Good biosecurity measures are, as always, key to preventing the spread of viruses, and we’d encourage owners to use disinfectant baths to clean their footwear at the entrance to units. Domestic bird food, water, and bedding should be kept away from wild birds."

Jersey's public health officials say the risk to the general public is very low.

Anyone who comes across birds which appear to have died suddenly without an obvious explanation can report them at or by calling 01534 441600.

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