Guernsey's table-topping athletes to be celebrated at Government House event

Guernsey won a record-breaking 145 medals at the Games, 54 of which were gold. Credit: ITV Channel

Guernsey's table-topping athletes from the Natwest International Island Games will be celebrated at Government House on Thursday evening from 6-7:30pm.

Speeches will be made by the Bailiff and members of the Guernsey Island Games Association (GIGA) as the island reflects on hosting the week-long event.

The Games were a roaring success for the Sarnians, with a record-breaking return of 145 medals, 54 of which were gold.

Jersey came second with 41 golds, with the Isle of Man in third with 20.

All eyes will now be on Orkney as it prepares to host the next Games from 12-18 July in two years time.

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