Reduced costs and increased demand sees Sark power prices fall to lowest 'in decades'

Credit ITV Channel TV
The cost of electricity in Sark is set to drop from 1 August 2023 to 44p per unit. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Electricity prices in Sark are set to drop to their lowest price in decades next month.

At one point, the island had the most expensive electricity anywhere in the world, with Sark's only energy provider charging 85p per unit.

But the price has fallen in recent years, as a new Price Control Commissioner was appointed to ensure islanders are charged a fair price.

From Tuesday 1 August 2023, the cost will drop to 44p per unit from the current rate of 53p per unit.

Sark Electricity Ltd's new tariff is the lowest price seen on the island for some years, making it cheaper than Alderney, while still more expensive than Guernsey and Jersey:

Sark's price drop is said to be down to lower fuel prices and increased demand for power on-island.

Alan Witney-Price, Sark Electricity Ltd's managing director said: "At a time when energy costs all around the globe are rising, SEL is delivering the lowest unit price for residents in decades and we are aiming lower.

"Covid, the Ukraine crisis and the old [Price Control Commissioner] have delayed my plans but they have not defeated my ambition to provide cheaper power alongside long-term energy security for the residents of Sark."

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